Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) is one of the leading international soccer management and marketing firms.

The SMWW's team has over 20 years of experience with contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, and athlete development. The department is headed up by Licensed Players Agent- John Print and International Operations Director - PJ Savage, as well as a Worldwide network of Agent Advisers.

The knowledge & experience of the team, combined with global contacts allow SMWW to be in a perfect position to represent the interests of professional soccer players.

Our Soccer Agency services include:

    1. Effectively market a player to MLS, USL, WPS and international teams.
    2. Help an athlete prepare for the draft or overseas opportunities.
    3. Protect the player’s contractual rights and other rights under the sport’s agreement and rules.
    4. Find a new club for a free agent or arrange a trade for a player under contract.
    5. Help the athlete maximize income from endorsements, commercials, autographs and appearances.
    6. Advise an athlete on his or her personal conduct and relationship with the media.
    7. Refer an athlete to medical specialists and treatment facilities.
    8. Create a personal website and fan club for an athlete to maintain and grow a fan base while potentially generating additional income.
    9. Serve as a buffer between an athlete and their team when an issue arises. 
    10.  Mentor clients and be a positive influence for them.
    11. Be available to an athlete’s family to discuss any questions or concerns.
    12. Provide tax planning and legal advice.
    13. Provide short-term bill pay service and long term financial planning.
    14. Counsel an athlete on post-career opportunities and provide SMWW career courses.

If you are a professional player who is looking for representation, we look forward to discussing your career and the options available to you.

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