Sports Management Worldwide's agency utilizes it's sports directors in each sport to provide expertise to our network of agent advisors. Having sports directors allows SMWW to provide better service to our athletes as well as our agent advisors by having an experienced sports agent working closely on all aspects of the agent business within their sport of expertise.

Lynn Lashbrook

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook is the President and Founder of the Sports Management Worldwide Agency. Lynn has been a certified agent with the NFL for over 20 years and has personally represented over 100 NFL clients including first rounders. Under Dr. Lashbrook’s leadership, the Sports Management Worldwide Agency has grown into an international full service sports agency with over 200 Agent Advisors worldwide representing hundreds of clients in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, minor leagues and international leagues.
Having spent forty years on university campuses, as a NCAA Athletic Director, Compliance Officer, Coach, Scout and Academic Advisor, Dr. Lashbrook brings keen insight. His diverse background is unmatched as a sports agent and he is known for his integrity and ethical compass. Client’s benefit from his wealth of connectivity, experience, and guidance from all facets of the game. In addition, Dr. Lashbrook brings a wealth of knowledge in contract negotiation, endorsements, handling media, marketing, financial, draft preparation, and long term career planning for athletes at every level of the game.
Dr. Lashbrook worked for Sports Management Group (SMG), which is now Creative Artists Agency (CAA), for five years. Dr. Lashbrook was mentored in the agent business by CAA Football Director Jim Steiner, then Jerry Rice’s agent, alongside Ben Dogra. During these years Dr. Lashbrook gained years of experience from the top talent negotiators in the world.
SMWW trains thousands of students every year for sports business careers, including athletes, agents, and other sports industry leaders. Under Dr. Lashbrook’s direction, SMWW offers a global sports faculty via online training, with over 5000 alumni from over 125 countries. Internationally, Dr. Lashbrook is a sought after sports business speaker, having spoken on 5 continents in addition to hosting and moderating sports career conferences at major sporting events. For the legal profession he provides an online CLE "Winning with Ethics" seminar through Legalspan.
Dr. Lashbrook spearheaded an effort to bring a Major League Baseball franchise to Portland, Oregon during the relocation of MLB’s Montreal Expos. Lynn led the lobbying efforts that resulted in a $150 million construction bill for a new stadium. Under his leadership, the group secured legislative action to subsidize a new stadium with players payroll taxes. Due to this campaign, a 25,000-seat stadium in the heart of the city was revitalized rather than torn down, now home to the MLS Portland Timbers.

Dr. Lashbrook's former clients

Dr. Lashbrook's full bio and list of clients

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Tim Cranston

Tim Cranston, President of Cranston Sports Management and NHL certified agent has at one time trained or represented such hockey stars as Sidney Crosby (Pittsburg), Marek Svatos (Colorado), Petr Vrana (New Jersey), Ole-Kristian Tollefesen (Columbus), Jonathan Boutin (Tampa Bay), Kevin Cormier (Phoenix), Jan Steber (Toronto), and David Kuchejda (Chicago).

Tim has an extensive Sports and Entertainment legal background working for companies such as McInnes Cooper, (the largest law firm in Atlantic Canada), and International Sports Management in Manchester, England.

As a hockey agent and sports and entertainment attorney, Tim has negotiated with major sport manufacturers including Nike, Mizuno, Penn, and Adidas. Tim is a founding Chairman and legal advisor to the British Ice Hockey Player's Association representing hundreds of players from North America and Europe. Tim has advised/represented clients including:

  • British Ice Hockey Players Association (IHPA)
  • Norwegian Ice Hockey and Football Union (NISO)
  • International Speedway Riders Association
  • Benetton "Formula 1" Race Team
  • Prince Naseem Hamed (WBO Featherweight Champion)
  • Sports Network TV and Sports Network Europe (Boxing Promotions)
  • Members of the rock band Def Leppard (Joe Elliot & Rick Savage)
  • Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey Club
  • Edinburgh Capitals Ice Hockey Club
  • Ingle Boxing Gym (Sheffield, England)

Tim is a former Hockey coach and professional hockey player including 15 years of European and International professional ice hockey in Switzerland, Holland, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, (1984-1999). Tim and his teams earned many professional championship titles. You will love Tim's approach to athlete representation, his excellent hockey history and extensive connections to professional hockey.

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