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Superstars aren't born, there made. It takes a combination of a remarkable athleticism on the athlete's part, and an impressive marketing campaign on your agency's part to make you a household name.

A professional sports career can be as short as one season and as long as a twenty year career. SMWW's responsibility is to seize that moment and make your career legendary with a unique promotional strategy. During your career, your job is to focus on improving your game and succeeding as an athlete. SMWW's experienced staff is here to do the rest.


SMWW's job is to promote its clients and develop an individualized brand through endorsements and sponsorships. Endorsements can come in all shapes and sizes and SMWW is committed to maximizing its clients' ability to capitalize on all available opportunities. "Superstars" in your sport receive the high profile contracts and SMWW has an excellent staff, well experienced on negotiating everything from lucrative shoe contracts to Wheaties Box covers to large trading card contracts. SMWW also has experience in negotiating contracts for athletes who have not yet become superstars or who play in positions or roles that do not afford them the same opportunities.

Every player has a fan base and it is SMWW's job to increase that fan base and take advantage of your career, during your career. Too many athletes, well known and not so well known, sign a contract, play their heart out and ignore the enormous amount of opportunities that exist to succeed away from the field or court.

SMWW has relationships with companies all over the country to provide its athletes with a multitude of opportunities in a variety of areas, including:

  • Shoes
  • Trading Cards
  • Video Games
  • Sports drinks
  • Car Sponsorships
  • Dealerships
  • Equipment
  • Phone Companies
  • Nutritional products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Small businesses in your home town

Every athlete needs to be marketed. However, not all athletes are. Why not? Their agent is busy recruiting next year's talent or focusing on their larger clients. With our extensive list of resources and our unique situation with SMWW Agent Advisors, you will get the attention you deserve. At SMWW, we believe that less clients per agent, means more attention and more attention for you, the client.


To secure a sponsorship or endorsement contract at any level, you need to be sharp when it comes to TV and radio interviews. Many athletes could have helped their career or even prevented the damage that was done to their image, if they had received the proper media and interview training. SMWW will make it their priority to prepare you to succeed in every media event and personal appearances. We know that being a crowd favorite only helps you earn additional endorsement opportunities. For years, athletes with good personalities that are loved by fans are offered media contracts after their careers. Athletes should work to build their image in the media while their career is in full swing to increase those opportunities at the end of their career.

  • Building your own brand
  • Media & Interview training
  • Website management
  • Community involvement
  • Press releases


The off-season is no time to rest. While keeping yourself in great physical shape should be your number one priority, SMWW's job is to make the most of your additional time. Some athletes work with non-profit foundations while others earn additional revenue through personal appearances or putting on camps and clinics. Others might prefer to work on post career goals or secondary businesses. Whatever your passion, SMWW will support your vision and is here to support you in any and all of your endeavors.

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